4 Great Ways To Rock Healthy, Curly Hair

Jun 1, 2018Curly Hair

If you’re tired of being a slave to straightening irons, maybe it’s time to embrace your curls. Or perhaps you want to add body and volume to thin, straggly hair. Whatever your reason for wanting to rock the curly look, the fact is that it’s easier to achieve and maintain defined luscious locks than you ever thought possible. Here’s how to go about it.

  1. Replace traditional shampoos with cleansing conditioners

The problem with ordinary shampoos is that they’re harsh on curly hair, leading to dryness and loads of frizz. Cleansing conditioners are more effective at removing dirt and oil, while keeping your hair healthy.

  1. Condition, hydrate, repeat

The more care you take to condition and hydrate curly hair, the better. Natural oils need extra time to reach the ends of your hair from the scalp. This is why the lower half of your hair often looks frazzled and dehydrated. You can address this by first using a moisturising cleanser and after that, protect your hair with a leave-in conditioner.

  1. Style curly hair while it’s wet

If the first thing you reach for after washing your hair is a towel to dry it, try this instead. Apply a hair-styling product that’s been designed for curly hair before you dry your hair. Using your fingers, run the product through your hair from root to tip and then squeeze upwards.

  1. Limit your use of a brush

The bristles of a brush not only disturb the formation of your curls, but also create more frizz. Instead of a brush, use your fingers to ruffle up your curls. Wilting curls can be revived with a spurt of curl reactivator. To untangle knotted curls, a wide-toothed comb will do the trick.

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