The Best Bob Cuts For Your Face Shape

Apr 19, 2018Haircut and Colour

Our hairstylists don’t just cut and colour hair, they create and follow new trends. A great way to determine whether a hairstyle will suit you is to use the shape of your face. Hair has a huge impact on the face of a person, as does the shape of your face on the style of hair you should select.

So, since the type of bob cut can affect your overall look considerably, we’ve developed a guideline for you so that you can make the most of the bob style you want.

Here are the best bob cuts that will suit your face shape:

  • Heart

With a wider forehead and cheekbone, as well as a narrowed jawline and pointed chin, the best style for this shape of face is the textured, layered look to accentuate the flattering cheekbones but also even out the facial structure to a more appealing look.

Never cut your hair too short. This is a no-no.

  • Pear

Narrow cheekbones and forehead coupled with a wider jawline and rounded chin need special attention. The best hairstyle to go for with this face shape is the longer bob with more body. Even a slight perm might do the trick.

Never cut it dead straight, as it could look unflattering.

  • Oblong

A higher forehead and a noticeably longer face, together with the pointed chin, has a particular hairstyle that will make this shaped face flattering. A sharp fringe with a straight back, longer than the short bob look. You could also go for a textured look, with a side-path fringe.

Never leave it drab, long and without a fringe. It usually just doesn’t work.

  • Square

A broad forehead and equal width and length of the face, including the squared chin, means that you will need a softer bob cut to lighten your face. We suggest a bob that’s thicker on one side and paths thinner on the other, all leading down to a narrowed ending to the bob.

Never cut it short with a fringe, as it will make your face look hard.

  • Round

A round face can take on various bob styles fairly easily since the width and breadth are almost equal with a round and full jawline and almost no defined angles. For this shape, we would suggest the longer bob style with no fringe, either feathered or straight.

Never cut it with a fringe. Round faces will generally not suit this look.

These are the general shapes of faces we have, and it is important to listen to your hairstylist so that you can leave the salon looking your best, with the right type of bob cut that suits your face shape.

For more information or if you want to make an appointment, contact us today and we’ll get the right bob cut for you.

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