The Best Hairstyles For Formal Events

Mar 26, 2018New Hairstyle

Besides the dress-planning, the jewellery, the make-up and the right high-heels, there’s the whole matter of nailing the right hairstyle for formal events. It’s one of the toughest things to get right, which is we’re highlighting five creative ways to get glamour do for your next extravagant function.

  1. Ponytail

This isn’t just a simple tieback for a black-tie event. This is taking the ponytail to a whole new level. We’re talking about adding dazzling hair ties or bands, or creating a high ponytail. Make it stand out.

Leave tufts on the side to accentuate not only your hair but also your face. Whatever you do, do not make it a plain pony. Find a way to make it stylish


  1. Ribbons

Layer out your hair from the first or second layer of your hair from your top and gently tie it at the halfway point of its length. Use a flashy, diamond-like jewel to enhance the tied hair. Now, with the rest of the hair, use a semi-gel serum or wax and with your fingertips gently brush it through your hair, and spread it out with a normal hairbrush.

The final look will be a neatly parted back with a spread-out layering of the rest of your hair, giving it that ribbon look, quite appropriate for formal events.


  1. Plait/braid

We’re going to say it now, or write it rather, once and for all: braids and plaits are not only for informal events, and in this case, going to a formal event, you can use the power of the plait to your advantage.

Take the two thicker sides of your hair and plait it until each end touches the other. At this point, tie it up with a simple bow or even a piece of ribbon. With the rest, you can both crimp it and twirl it into a shape that will fit the braid, or you can go ahead with a full-on braiding. It can look elegant, provided you have the accessories to help boost your confident look at a formal event.

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