How You Can Fight The Frizz

Mar 13, 2018Perfect Hair

Most of us with a bit of the frizz desire more than anything for that perfect dead-straight hair where you can just wake up, brush and go off to work. Or, curly-haired people often dream of coming out of the shower and just letting your hair dry straight (or close to it) naturally. Here’s what you can do to fight the frizz.


Here are your four frizz-fighting fool-proof tips:


  1. Condition your hair

A safe way to maintain straight hair is through the use of conditioners and serums rather than going for formulas with formaldehyde in it, which could cause future hair damage. Conditioner will give you that smooth, shiny look and also acts as a sun-protective layer over your hair strands.


  1. Grooming

Even if you’re in a rush, do your best not to use your hairbrush on dry hair. Frizzy or curly hair is more susceptible to breakages and splits. Instead, wash your hair or wet it a little, then brush. Remember, you need to brush from the top of your head in a downward fashion, until you reach the bottom. This will prevent knotting and kill an existing knot without any wreckage.


  1. Extra care

There are amazing new products available just for frizzy-haired people, which contain the right ingredients that act as a leave-in type of conditioner. These products vary in effect depending on what’s in it, which is why it’s best to your professional hairdresser about the right solution for your frizzy hair. Using the wrong one could lead to other, more serious issues with your hair.

  1. Good tip

A great tip to consider when styling your frizzy hair at home is to let your hair dry until it is about almost dry and then use the hairdryer to style it straight. The reason for this is that you allow the moisture not to be lost from your hair right away. Your hair strands need moisture to keep it healthy. When you blow-dry it at this point, you lock in the goodness of your natural oils and moisture instead of having it blown away. This will also help keep it straighter for longer.

Now you’re ready to combat your frizzy hair. If you’re after some more information or help to get shiny, straight hair, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

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