These Are The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When You Blow Dry Your Hair

Feb 27, 2018Colouring

We all know that replicating a professional blow wave is much easier said than done, andif you are struggling to get the perfect blow wave, there’s a good chance that you are making one or two common mistakes. The good news? With some guidance, you can avoid these issues, and finally get the look you want.

Drying Soaking Wet Hair

One of the biggest errors you can make is to start blow drying hair straight after a shower. The damage to your hair increases in relation to how wet your hair is, since the longer your hair spends under the blow dryer, the more damage it experiences. A solution to this is a quick towel dry before you begin. A good guideline to follow is:

  • Fine hair should be dried to about 80%-90%
  • Medium hair should be dried to about 60%-70%
  • Coarse hair should be dried to about 40%-50%

Rough Drying

Rubbing a towel vigorously over your hair can cause damage and give you some major frizz. The proper method is to gently press the towel onto your hair and let it soak up the excess water.

Use Your Product Correctly

Before you even start to blow dry, style with a multi-purpose primer to reduce the amount of heat damage on your hair. Apply the primer thoroughly into each strand before you start blow drying.

Sectioning while Blow Drying

Simply flipping your head over or just aiming the blow dryer at the top layer of your hair can lead to over-drying and heat damage. Even though it may seem more time-consuming, sectioning your hair while blow drying makes the entire process easier, speeds the drying process and gives you a professional blowout look.

Not Using Attachments

When you don’t use your attachments, you risk causing cuticle damage and harm to the texture of your hair. This is where a nozzle attachment comes in handy, as it helps to create a sleek, styled look. Your diffuser is also great for enhancing curls and protects the hair from frizzing in the heat.

Using the Wrong Brush

Brushes are essential in styling your hair and if used incorrectly, causes frizz. So, remember that size matters when it comes to your brush:

  • A large barrel brush works best to create bounce and body
  • A rounder, smaller brush will help create a curlier look

For more information on the correct way to blow dry your hair or if you want to book a blow dry in Melbourne, contact our salon today.

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