Discover The Perfect Colour For Your New Hairstyle

Oct 6, 2017New Hairstyle

Salons all over Melbourne have experienced clients who come in, generally after a break-up or a life-changing event, and want to have a complete make-over. They want to toss their natural blonde hair for a raven black to suit their fascination with giving everything a fresh, new start. Or, maybe you’re just sick and tired of your dull brown hair and want to brighten up your look.

What every woman (and man) needs to understand is that although changing your hair colour can be rejuvenating, the colour you select must be chosen with careful consideration!

This is what you should think about when choosing the right hair colour for you:

  • Skin colour

In Australia, we’re a multi-cultural country with varied skin tones. While blonde may work for pale-skin and blue eyes, it may not work for people with darker skin tones. The contrast of unnatural blonde and tanned skin, though striking, might not complement each other. Irish-white skin is best for a good, deep red. Darker skins can go for a dark brown with lighter strands of copper or even shades of lighter brown. Lighter to medium shades of tanned skin can most definitely sport the blonde look and often have the best in versatility, as they can have the platinum blonde or the light brown with highlights – and they can even support a dark black shade.

  • Eye colour

Light brown eyes tend to receive the most attention with blonde or black hair, since both colours accentuate light, almond-coloured eyes. Blue or green eyes love blonde hair, light or dark. Of course, what makes the deep-blue eyes famous among all other colours is that a dark black wave of hair can truly make these eyes gemstones. Perhaps dark black eyes are more suited to dark black hair, instead of trying blonde, which doesn’t seem to work with pools of dark orbs.


  • Facial features

Sharp features are generally hardened when highlighted by an all-black hair colour. Especially if these features in a woman are part of a lighter skin tone. The nose and the jawline tend to stand out more predominantly than facial features which are more rounded and softer. Blonder hair would be more suitable for the chiselled facial features because it will almost blend in with the face and not act as a bordering feature to point out the more masculine features.

  • Length / design / type

The colour you select is not as simple as you may think. You may certainly love how the blonde highlights of your co-worker seem to dazzle in the sunshine, but this doesn’t necessarily mean those identical highlights will work for your hair length, design or type. Depending on whether your hair is short, long, curly or straight, it will look different on everyone. For example, longer hair is more difficult to maintain a blonde effect, unless it has been an ongoing process for the years you took to grow it that length, while dark black can usually work whether your hair is wavy, curly or straight.

  • Personality

This point may be the most important of all. If you can wear it well, with confidence and certainty, then that beauty from within will crush anyone else’s opinion. If you have dark skin and feel great about your platinum blonde long hair, then absolutely rock it. Personality also requires you to be honest about who you are. Is a darker hair colour more you or is a fun-loving blonde, ready to delight the day more of your personality? Are you a fiery red, or more of a colour that represents who you are and how you feel about yourself? These are questions you should answer. But remember, staying true to your personality is the best decision you can make when choosing the right hair colour for yourself.

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