Why You Should Embrace Your Curly Locks

Jan 12, 2018Hair Trend

In our opinion, curly hair never got the attention it deserved. Luckily, times are changing, and a stunning head of curly hair has never been more in fashion. In short, we think it’s time to embrace your curly hair, and here’s why:

  • Curly hair is easier

Curly hair is easier to maintain. Now, it also depends on the type of curly hair you have. If it’s the natural wave-like style, then you’re the luckiest girl in town. It’s easy to wash it and quickly blow it and set out. With the frizzy curls, a bit of mousse will help tame the frizz, and will add greater volume.

  • Curly hair suits your face

Over the years, the structure of your face formed in a certain way. This means if you have curly hair, and always struggled to get it presenting well, you should consider going to a hairstylist before relegating yourself to the straightening iron.

Great hairstylists don’t just chop away hair and dye it, great hairstylists look at your face and see what hairstyle will fall perfectly against your contours.

  • Curly hair is versatile

Variety is the spice of life, they say. With curly hair, you can have so much fun and do just as you please. The wind won’t bother you on the beach and swimming won’t bother you when you go for a dive.

Best of all, with curly hair, there are a number of style options available. Your hairstylist can make it even curlier, even wavier than you ever thought possible. You could reinvent yourself and be the person you were born to be. The options are endless, really.

Now is the time to embrace your curls. Now is the time to embrace who you really are and see what happens. You may have more fun being you and enjoying what you have naturally; because it is a guarantee that someone, somewhere in Melbourne is going to envy your curls and secretly wish they had your hair.

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