Five Reasons Why Blondes Choose Their Colour

Aug 29, 2017Uncategorized

Popularity for going blonde is clearly not on the decline if the amount of appointments for blonde hair at Weiselmann Salon in Melbourne is anything to go by. But what is it about being blonde that makes women want it?

Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why women choose blonde hair:

  1. To Stand Out

Dolly Parton would agree whole-heartedly that having whitened locks helps ladies stand out from the crowd. Darker hair blends more into crowds and doesn’t fetch as much notice as a sharp, blonde does.

  1. To Show Up

Some may argue that bleaching one’s hair is a way of hiding from who one truly is—but we think the opposite is true: going blonde is a way of showing who you really are. It’s like what Oscar Wilde once said about masks. Changing your hair colour helps brings out your real self and sort of gives you the courage to be you, the real you.

  1. To Have Fun

The saying “blondes have more fun” is not just a saying without any substance. Blondes do tend to have more fun because they stand out and receive more attention. Women choose to go blonde because there is a fun factor attached to the colour.

  1. To Feel Young

A lot of women in Australia were blonde as children, and over the years that mousy brown came through instead of that youthful blonde. Women now choose to go blonde to feel younger—and it works. Blonde is associated with being young, and women use this option of hair colour to help feel and look younger.

  1. To Look Better

The colour of your hair can either help or hurt your features. A darker shade may bring out the sharper features of your face and make you look harder and more severe. Blonde lightens the face, softens it and accentuates the brightness of a woman’s face. Women choose to go blonde because it brings out their face and compliments their features.

If you’ve thought about going blonde but are still undecided, get in touch with the colourists at Wieselmann to find out more information.


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