How To Get Great Volume For Your Hair

Nov 17, 2017Colouring, Hair Trend

Thin or thinning hair is, for many Australians, a real problem. There are many reasons for thin hair, with genetics being one of the most prevalent. However, here are some great tips from the professional hair stylists in Melbourne that will help your hair look thicker when you need it to.

  • Hairspray

There’s a reason Hairspray was a Broadway hit – it’s because hairspray is one of the best tools for thin hair. It may sound very 80s, but it’s really the ultimate way to boost your hair to almost any volume you want.

  • Treatments

Professional salons today offer treatments for thinning hair, which include special shampoos and conditioners, as well as serums and masks to help thicken your hair, or boost your hair follicle growth and rejuvenation. You should speak to a professional hair salon to find out how they could help you.

  • Colouring

By utilising the services of an experienced hair colourist in Melbourne, they’ll be able to add midway shades to your hair that can help make it appear thicker than what it actually is. You don’t need anything dramatic, but a professional hair salon will be able to create a thicker look with a subtle touch.

  • A haircut

A haircut will not, contrary to popular belief, help your hair grow back thicker. However, a good haircut that’s done by salon professionals, and that normally focuses on providing blunt ends, will definitely help improve your look and reduce the appearance of thin and damaged hair. It requires expert technique and a delicate touch to nail a good cut, which is why you should

If you notice some loss of hair, or you believe your hair is thinning, don’t stress too much. There are strategies that professionals can put in place to ensure your hair appears thicker and give you back some confidence.

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