Hair Care Tips For Every Season

Nov 8, 2017Perfect Hair

Summer is fast-approaching, and depending on what part of Australia you’re in at the moment, it could mean a very damaging season for your hair. However, it’s not just the summer heat that you need to worry about. Every season throughout the year brings with it conditions that may not be ideal for your hair’s health. But don’t fear! We’re here to provide you with ultimate tips to ensure your hair remains healthy all year, whether the sun shines or clouds gather.


The cold winds and the chill of winter, as dermatologists warn, damages the skin. The same goes for your hair, and we recommend using a conditioning mask once a week to maintain your hair’s moisture. Also, try not to shampoo as often as you might in summer, because your natural oils will help keep your hair’s cuticles sealed from outside forces. It might also be a good idea to visit your salon for a professional hair treatment if you feel things are getting out of hand.


It’s not summer just yet, but the temperature is warming up. For your hair, this means that you need a new regimen to ensure it’s in its optimal condition. Use this season to prepare for the nice Australian summertime, for which we recommend thinking about growing your hair out. The air is not as humid as it will become, and is no longer as dry as it was, which means it won’t frizz up and misbehave. Perfect time to get ready for a fresh summer hairdo.


Summer is the time to have fun! We go to the beach and we surf – it’s when many Australians go out and stay out late. The heat and heightened UV rays, however, has the potential to damage your hair. The conditioning treatments we suggested for winter would also be helpful in summer, seeing as the film of either your natural oils, or conditioner will provide protection against damage. Also, try not to heat-style your hair too often, or if you are, always use a heat protector.


During this season, the overall drop in temperature, and the falling leaves should be your reminder to visit your local salon for a cleansing hair treatment. You need to keep your hair’s moisture level stable in preparation for the coming winter. Ask for clarifying shampoos at your salon, which are a great way to freshen up your hair so that’s it’s ready to fend off the drying cold of winter.

Your seasons are now covered. You can be confident that you will always look your best. For any advice on how to maintain healthy hair throughout the year, contact one of Melbourne’s most experienced hair salons.

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