Here’s How To Nail The Wet Hair Look

Jan 4, 2018Perfect Hair

If you’ve ever watched a fashion show, you would have noticed one or more of the models strut down the catwalk with “wet” hair, as if they’ve just popped out of the shower. Well, this is the illusion of the look, but professionals know better, which means you can get it too!

Even better, the wet look is in and becoming more and more fashionable. Some celebs like Jennifer Lawrence have been recently spotted in Hollywood donning this wet-dry look. What’s so amazing about this look is that it can appear wet throughout the day.

Here are some tips to help you nail it:

Styling your hair from dry to wet

All you have to do is find a specialty hair product that will result in a wet look and smooth it through your hair. Depending on your hair, things like waxes, gels, glues and shine sprays are great to help re-create this look. Once you’ve got the right product for your hair type, apply it to your hair and comb it through to get it into every strand.

Curly hair

If you don’t want that slick tied-back wet look, you can do the same as the above, but this time, instead of using the comb to make it slick and straight, use your hands and fingers and mix the product through your hair until you are satisfied that it is exactly what you want.

Now, how to style your wet hair:

Slicked back look

This look is slick – not just figuratively in the sense of the word, but in reality. It’s edgy, it’s empowering, and it will definitely give you a huge boost of confidence.

Side part look

The side part look is a real evening look that will add a much more sophisticated feel to your style, while still letting you take part in the wet look craze that has been taking the fashion world by storm.

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