How Often Should I Colour My Hair?

Jan 10, 2020Colouring

Colouring your hair gives you the freedom to change your look whenever you feel. Whether you’re dissatisfied or bored with your current hue, changing your hair colour is an easy way to feel refreshed and enhance your confidence. But, how often should you colour your hair? Wieselmann Salon is home to Melbourne’s best hair colourists and stylists, here’s our tips on colouring your hair and how frequently you should apply the dye.

There are 3 key factors that can help you determine how frequently you should colour your hair.

Your Hair Type – How often you can colour your hair largely depends on your natural hair type, your natural colour, and what shade you are changing to. If your hair grows quicker than the average or is prone to fading, you may require more frequent colouring. Similarly, if you have dark hair and are wanting to change to a light shade of blonde, you’ll likely require more frequent colours as your re-growth will be visible much quicker.

The Condition of Your Hair – You should also base the frequency of your colour on the amount of hair damage you have. If your hair has minimal damage or has never been dyed before, you can go ahead with colour treatments more often. If your hair is really damaged, it’s better to hold off on dyeing your locks as much as possible.

The Product Type – Bleaches and permanent dyes usually require more topping up in order to maintain an even colour, but they also come with a much higher chance of hair damage so figuring out how often you can dye your hair is a fine balance. Semi-permanent hair colour products can be used more often than permanent tints, this is because they’re designed to fade, so require more regular treatments anyway, and they are much gentler on hair since they don’t contain harsh chemicals such as ammonia or alcohol.

While the time between colours can vary from person to person depending on many factors, generally we recommend waiting 4-6 weeks before having another colour treatment – in most cases, this is enough to reduce the risk of hair damage. If you’re still unsure, it’s a good idea to consult a professional hair colourist who can gauge the health of your strands and help determine when you should have your next colouring session.

Before colouring your hair, keep the below tips in mind:

Don’t overdo it – If you can, make sure to stick to only dyeing your hair within a four to eight week time span. Any chemical process takes its toll on your hair and colouring is no exception.

Lighter shades damage your hair more – When you dye your hair lighter, it can cause more damage to your strands. When going darker, you are actually depositing colour as opposed to stripping it out.

Keep your hair in good condition – If you change your hair colour frequently, make sure that your tresses are in good condition before you change it up again. Use colour specific shampoo and conditioner and apply deep conditioning treatments regularly. If you continue to dye damaged hair, the texture will only get worse so don’t keep adding more or different colours if your hair can’t take it.

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