How To Pick The Best Red Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone

Aug 17, 2018Hair Colour

Red hair makes a bold and very sexy statement, and you may be wondering if you can rock this look. The answer is a resounding “YES!” You can pull it off as long as you pick the best red hair colour for your skin tone. From strawberry blondes, pastel peach and soft copper tones all the way through to vibrant auburns, the extensive range of shades guarantees that there’s a red out there that’s perfect for you – no matter how pale or dark your skin.

Here we look at fair, medium and dark skin tones, but your hairdresser will also consider your complexion’s undertones to help you choose the best colour. Undertones range from blue through to olive, orange and pink.

Your eye colour is also something to consider when choosing your dream red shade. If your eyes are green, for example, copper shades will be ideal, while blue-red cranberry shades will accentuate blue eyes.

  • Reds for fair skin tones

It may surprise you to learn that the best reds for those with pale skin are the very vibrant ones. The contrast with your fair complexion will accentuate your features and turn many heads! But note that by vibrant, we mean bright, not dark. Choose from fiery coppers and auburns, tangerine-reds, golden gingers and rich strawberry hues.

  • Reds for medium skin tones

Your skin tone gives you the most shades of red to play with because the majority will look great with your complexion. Don’t be afraid of bold colour and look to shades like deep red-coppers and bright auburns and scarlets. Any of these gorgeous shades will give you a beautiful glow and enhance your features.

  • Reds for dark skin tones

Make a beeline for the bold scarlets, burgundies and crimsons to get your glow on as your complexion will look magnificent against these vibrant colours. Avoid gold-reds, however, because the extreme contrast will leave your face looking completely drained of colour. Instead, go for reds with a blue undertone as these are the most flattering on dark skin.

Going red is exciting, but home dye jobs can be disastrous. It’s always best to visit a professional salon where an experienced hair colourist will help you choose the best red hair colour for your complexion.

For a magnificent red hair transformation, book an appointment with one of Wieselmann Salon’s expert colourists today.



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