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Aug 8, 2017Perfect Hair

Wieselmann Salon in Melbourne knows all too well how important it is to have good-looking hair and how maintaining strong, perfect hair can be a struggle. When you look at celebrities, you wonder how on earth they maintain such wonderful hair — well, the answer is pretty simple, they follow the advice of their hairstylists…

If you think Kardashians, images of long, immaculate locks spring to mind. Now imagine knowing all their secrets… Well, we’re here to spill the beans! That’s right, we have special tips from celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin, who recently told Harper’sBazaar Magazine all about how she makes the Kardashians shine.

Here are 5 Kardashian tips to make your hair perfect:

  1. How to add volume?

There are volumising products that really work. It is important to choose a product that adds volume by filling the base without building weight. A little bit of hairspray can also help. But keep in mind that too much hairspray can weigh it down.

Atkin’s Kardashian secret tip:

Add eyeshadow to the white hairline. It adds a visual volume to the hair, making it look thicker.

  1. How often should you cut hair?

This depends on the length of your hair. It is suggested that for healthy maintenance of your hair, you should cut your hair as follows according to the length of your hair:

Atkin’s Kardashians secret tip:

  • Short hair: every four weeks
  • Mid-length: every six to eight weeks
  • Long hair: every seven to ten weeks
  1. Does mousse cause hair to dry?

Dry or break-like hair occurs not because of the product but because of the misuse of the product. It is suggested that the “less is more” approach should be followed when applying mousse or any products on your hair.

Atkin’s Kardashians secret tip:

Go easy on the hairspray, or prepare an up-do, using hair extensions. Atkin stresses that clip-ins are better than glue fusion.

  1. Should straight and curly hair types use different products?

Absolutely. If your hair is curly you should try to find shampoos and conditioners that are made for producing a lighter weight on your hair. Thicker hair needs more moisture and conditioning than straighter, thinner hair. When selecting your shampoo, it is best to pay attention to the type of shampoo that will enhance your hair.

Atkin’s Kardashians secret tip:

  • For straight hair, never curl the ends when using the combination of the flat iron and the curling rod iron.
  • For curly hair, if you want to maintain the curly feel, add a little mousse. Don’t go to town with the mousse. It could end up giving your hair the appearance of a tumbleweed.
  1. New Treatments?

Wieselmann Salon is one of few hair salons in Melbourne that offers a Micro-Mist Machine for damaged, broken and over-processed hair. With its ultrasonic vibrations that emit microscopic water particles deep into the hair follicles, you can restore your hair to its pristine condition.

At Wieselmann, we are committed to maintaining your perfect hair, that’s why we only use Kerastase and Schwarzkopf products for treatments to offer you moisture, protein, strengthening, softening, shine and gloss.

Contact us now and restore your hair to its perfect state.

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