Make The Cut With These Top Men’s Hairstyles for 2017

Aug 17, 2017Perfect Hair

Times have changed. The idea of self-image and what defines masculinity have now become more important to men than ever before. Wieselmann hair salon in Melbourne understands this new trend, and has embraced this emergence of the appearance-conscious man by offering the latest and slickest hairstyles.

Wieselmann has taken to heart the need for men in today’s society, which, according to the latest psychological studies, show that the modern man relates his appearance, especially his hair, to his sense of self-image and masculinity.

Here are our seven hairstyles for men which will complement your image:

  1. Messy Textured

Not only teenagers who just jumped out of bed are permitted to don this style! With the textured, or feathered hair aloft, a daub of wax can maintain it the whole day without the use of a hairdryer. For extra volume, depending on the thickness of your hair, you could also blow-dry it. But remember, this style is intended to be “messy”, but professionally so.

  1. Short Textured

What’s nice about this style is that it works in any situation and is age-appropriate for all ages. It’s neat enough to be corporate and textured enough to ensure everyone notices how healthy and well-styled your hair is. With a textured hairstyle, you can increase the length to hang just over your forehead or, on another day, change it by brushing it back. It’s a versatile style, and one that is becoming more and more popular.

  1. Spikey Modern

This style is not necessarily for everyone. It’s about personality. It’s gutsy. It’s bold. Yet, it’s not punk enough to be regarded as vagabond-like. This spikey look is ultramodern and evokes absolute confidence. If you want to try it, go for it; you can always alter it into a textured style if it’s a bit too much for you. However, those who do choose this style have the most fun with it. It’s a definite 10 on the scale of cool.

  1. High Fade and Loose Pompadour

Marie-Antoinette would certainly approve of this style. But this is the Bieber-inspired look, which is excellent for men with thick hair. The “bubble” or pompadour looks best when the shaved sides have a higher fade leading to the thicker hair on top. This is the city look. It’s for the professional who still cares about his looks. Moreover, it’s the look that gives a youthful appearance.

  1. High Fade and Quiff (or Tuft)

This style is just as cool and modern and bold as the spikey short style, but it has more texture in it and, with its cheeky quiff, it exudes boyish masculinity. It’s neat, clean and professional. But as we mentioned, it has a bit of cheekiness too.

  1. Shaved sides with cropped fringe

Do not confuse this style with the army-conscripted cut. No, no. This is the style of a particular neatness and clean appearance. The cropped fringe is completely straight. It will enhance the shape of your face with its border-like appearance.

It’s a neat look, ready for city life; and it’s the easiest style to maintain.

  1. Long, side-parted fringe

Usually highlighted, though not essential, this style is particularly suitable for men who desire a new look, a new life, and a new outlook. It sits on the borderline of being a bit pretty, but with all the masculinity of a clean-shaved side. The parted fringe can always be gelled back for professional or corporate environments. If you have the hair for this, go for it and enjoy its playful look.

Make an appointment today at Melbourne’s favourite hair salon, and embrace your masculinity by improving your appearance with Wieselmann’s renowned dedication in styling clean-cut hairstyles.

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