How To Make The Most Out Of Your Red Hair So You Can Keep Turning Heads!

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Redheads make up less than two percent of the world’s population, and normallywe think red hair is something worthy of cherishing, rather than hiding, whether you’re adelicate strawberry blonde or have fiery cayenne coloured locks. They might say that blondes have more fun, some of pop culture’s most famous redheads, including Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, Gillian Anderson and Cynthia Nixon, have hair colour to thank for their signature tresses.

Whether you were born with it or had a little help from your salon, here’s how to keep your red hair looking good!

If you’re a natural redhead

Natural redheads have the thickest strands of hair but the least amount of hair overall. This means that while many redheads feel that their hair is coarse, it’s more fragile than it seems. Red hair is also prone to fading from sunlight, which is why many people have red hair at birth only to have it fade over time. If you’re happy with your current hue,don’t wash it too often to avoid stripping it of moisture and use products with UVA/UVB protection orhats/umbrellas to protect your strands (and scalp) from the sun. If you’re not happy with your hair’s current shade, you can always colour it. Don’t listen to the old wives’ tales that tell you that you’ll have the same hair colour forever.

If you’ve Colour your hair red

If you’re thinking of going red, remember that it’s a tricky tone to get right and it requires upkeep to prevent brassiness and fading. An at-home solution is risky, as you need a formulation suited to your complexion and skin colour. Another benefit of using a salon to transform your shade is that you’ll be able to take home products to preserve thecolour. Avoiding the sun and following your hairdresser’s instructions will help keep your hair healthy and shiny.

We Australian’s embrace the Red Hair, with a Ginger PrideParade, dedicated to our friend’s every year here in Melbourne. It was a fantastic turnout this year with over 1,000 proud Redheads marching the streets of our city – holding up quirky posters such as “Day of the walking red” and “Gingers just want to have fun.” We are looking forward to next years Ginger Pride Parade, go Melbourne!

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