How Men Can Nail Short Hair In 2018

Feb 5, 2018Short Hair

Short hairstyles are a staple of men’s fashion, seeing as it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is almost always on trend. However, styling short hair has become somewhat of an art form, and you need to choose the right style. When it comes to choosing your short hairstyle, a lot of the current trends surround fading. This means a style that is maintaining the corners and building the weight along the curve of the head to keep a masculine look and feel.

Short hairstyles to consider in 2018:

  • Crop and Hair Tattoo– On top, the hair is styled into a popular crop, whilst a drop fade leads into a hair tattoo with multiple fades.
  • Spiky Crop – This style combines a forward fringe of the forehead, textured spikes and high fade.
  • Heavy Crop for Thick Hair – Hair is left full on top and layered to enhance texture with a drop fade.
  • Short Sweep Back– This type of cut thins out thick hair while keeping the appearance of fullness.
  • Comb Over Fade – This cut styles hair to one side with plenty of height.
  • Buzz Fade and Lineup – This cut requires no styling, but might need salon trips to keep it neat and tidy.

How to nail your short hair:


Just because your is short, it doesn’t mean you can relax on maintaining it. You should be washing your hair at least 2-3 times a week using a high-quality shampoo and conditioner.

Styling Short Hair

When you use product, a ‘less is more’ approach will often lead to better results, and it’s recommended that you apply product to dry hair. Here are some product tips to help you get the look you want:

  • Use clay for a strong hold with no shine
  • Wax has a decent hold but with shine
  • Pomades give you maximum shine but no hold
  • Gels have a strong hold with maximum shine, but if you are looking for shine but no hold, then break the rules and apply gels to wet hair.

A Good Salon

Regular trips to your men’s hairdressers in Melbourne is always a must. As much as you think short hair is easy, it still needs a good cut every few weeks to keep the shape and style.

For more information on the short male hair looks for 2018 and how to get it right,contact us to book an appointment.

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