How The Modern Man Has Fallen In Love With The Salon

Oct 17, 2017Salon

For decades, men’s haircuts were predominantly performed by white-coated barbers who offered cut-throat shaves amidst the lounge-like atmosphere of a barber shop. Though barbers still exist, times have changed and men have adopted the salon experience that gives them a more complete look and style.

Getting a particular style, highlights or blow-waves are becoming part of the regular routine for men and Melbourne salons can deliver great results.

Let’s take a look at the difference between the barber shop and the salon:

  • Your budget

Barbers generally do not offer a wash, massage and conditioner before that sound of the buzzing hair clippers start skimming your scalp. The cost of a barber might be less than the cost of a hair salon, but an experienced men’s hairdresser offers so much more.

  • Your hair

Whether you’ve got luscious locks or a short, sharp look; your hair is an important part of your unique style. That’s why you should put an importance on keeping it in great shape. Not just for style purposes, but also to keep it healthy. That’s why special treatment options at the salon is a great feature that you don’t necessarily get at a barber.

  • Your time

Sure you could get a quick cut in minutes. But are you going to love the way you look when there’s uneven lines or other mistakes? It’s not to say all quick cuts come with errors, but when we take a little bit more time to get everything right, you’ll appreciate the outcome. Plus, it’s important for you every-now-and-then to take the time to sit back and take a breath.Going to a salon can be a great opportunity to relieve some stress.                                                                                      

  • Your experience

As mentioned above, how often do you have the time to sit back, relax and not be bothered by anyone? How often are you made to feel like number one? A salon makes you the centre of attention from the moment you step inside and you will have a qualified hairdresser ready to style your hair that will suit your look, your lifestyle and your career.

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