How To Nail The Balayage Look

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Imagine having your locks of hair with ribbons of colour that’s gentle, soft and natural, without the costly maintenance contemporary colours involve? What’s more, after trying Balayage, imagine only visiting the salon only after four months! Sounds like the perfect solution, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s here – even though it’s been around for over four decades, created and improved by the inspiration of French design. Now, you can take advantage of getting the look celebrities around the world are opting for.

Here’s how to nail the Balayage look:

  • Who should try Balayage

In a word – everyone. If anyone wants to enhance their look, their face and their hair, then Balayage should be considered because of its soft and natural highlights can be a mix of both gentle or strong tones.

If you have a bob-styled hairdo, then we would recommend a stronger Balayage, which will further enhance and help the bold bob style stand out than for those whose hair is longer. For those with length, you’d be more suited to having longer strands of lighter colours, gently blending into the hair.

  • The process

Individual strands are painted with the colour of your choice, or your hair stylist may choose to tease your hair and then go freehand and paint your hair in that fashion, giving it a really natural appearance.

You generally need two or three sessions to build up the initial, desired colour, and these will be set over several weeks. The time it takes per session depends on the length of the hair and the desired colour you choose to have blended. Longer hair will obviously need more time.

  • The benefits

Unlike traditional hair colouring, Balayage allows you to have longer breaks between sessions. The cost you will save is immense since you will not need to fork out as much money as you would with the touch-ups you need every few weeks.

Another great benefit is that there will never be a set line or regrowth, so you can save a lot by leaving your hair for yet another month without anyone thinking you need a touch-up.

As you can see, there are great benefits with Balayage, on top of the incredible look you can present. If you want to find out if it will work for you, contact us to speak to one of one of our professional colourists for more information.


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