For Special Occasions, Ask These 3 Questions To Avoid A Bad Hair Day

Sep 19, 2017Perfect Hair

There can be nothing worse than having no plan in place for a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday or end-of-year work function. Often women run from salon to salon, hoping they can fix the mistakes they’ve made, and often in a jiffy. It’s enough of a hassle worrying about the outfit, right shoes and makeup, but when it comes to your hair, there’s an extra-special stress of importance.

But not to worry. Here are the questions you need to ask so that your day runs smoothly and you enjoy the event without freaking out about having a ‘bad hair day’.

  1. The venue?

Find out as soon as possible where the event will be held. It is important because if you’ll be sitting all night indoors listening to long speeches, then your hairstyle can be straightened and done up in an ornate style without any worry of it becoming untangled or frizzy. However, if there will be dancing and outdoor activities, then you need to consider using appropriate products to ensure your hair doesn’t turn loose against you! Hairspray is still a girl’s best friend.

  1. Appointment date?

Knowing when to make your appointment before your event is critical in planning. If you phone for an appointment too late, you may be turned away if there are no spaces left. Also, the time-factor may play a part in you being turned away since a special-occasion hairstyle will take longer to style. You’ll probably require pins and detailed crafting, which takes longer than the regular hairdressing visits. So go ahead and call well in advance and tell your hairstylist that they should set aside extra time for your appointment.

  1. Professional or Neighbour with hairspray?

If your neighbour is one of the best in the business, by all means, go ahead. BUT…a special occasion doesn’t come up every day, right? That’s why it’s called special! So we advise that you contact a professional hairdresser, preferably close to where you live so that you don’t have to travel too long in order to get ready for the event. A professional will have the right products and tools to make your hair perfect for the occasion.

It’s vitally important that on your special occasion, you look your best, glamorous self and are ready to mingle and enjoy the evening. For more information about how to properly achieve this through a professional hairstylist, contact the expert team at Wieselmann today on (03) 9827 6899.

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