Take A Sneak Peek At The Season’s Hottest Hair Colours For Brown Hair

May 16, 2017Uncategorized

No one can deny that brown hair is magnificently versatile, offering those of us with darker hair endless colour possibilities that the other colours can only dream of. Best of all, the new season is just around the corner, meaning a whole new set of colour trends are ready to make you look fabulous.

Here’s a sneak peek at the latest colour trends for brunette and black hair.

Balayage is still the queen

The balayage technique is continuing its reign as one of the most popular styles around. This is probably due to the style’s ability to look great in a lot of different varieties. A balayage style is a great technique for highlighting darker hair, in which colour is painted on to create a graduated, natural look. This style is perfect for newcomers since you don’t have to colour all your strands.

Growl with the tiger-eye balayage

The hottest new variety of the balayage is without a doubt the Tiger Eye look, which just dazzles with its warm palette of soft, warm caramels running on a deep rich root colour. The effect is created by heightening the lighter colours at the ends of your hair and have it stretch up into your darker roots. The style looks gorgeous with warm complexions of Autumn beiges, copper, and gold. If your complexion has a cooler undertone, you’ll still look great if you change the colour sets to a more neutral or cooler beige.

Warm up with colour melting

This style isn’t nearly as dangerous as its name suggest, although you are guaranteed to look smoking hot with it. The style uses multiple colour tones mixed together that create a faultless wave of colour from your roots to your ends. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for something more uniform, but still, want a look that provides an almost liquid movement of colours.

The treasure of rose gold

The changing season is a great excuse to take up a new look, especially one that celebrates the colours around you. Rose gold shading has been steadily becoming more and more popular, and we can definitely see why. The style makes you look like a million dollars whether you want to colour all your hair, just get some streaks, do a two-tone gradient or just coat your ends.

The bronde and the beautiful

No, it’s definitely not a typo, and yes, you will look absolutely stunning in the season’s latest craze, a magnificent mixture of brown and blonde colouring that gives darker hair an unforgettably luxurious look.

Whatever colour you choose, you will look stunning in this season’s hottest hairstyles.



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