Thinking About Going Blonde – Which Shade Is Best For You?

Apr 27, 2018Colouring

As they say, blondes have more fun. This we know – but what degree of fun are you looking for? By this, we’re asking, which shade of blonde is best suited for your look?

There are various shades of blonde that you can choose from, each of which comes with its special character that will enhance your unique style. Also, consider the look you really want to achieve – consider your personality and whether bleach-blonde is more favourable to you than strawberry blonde. It’s all about you!

Here are the different types of blonde you can consider before visiting your hair colourist:


  • Platinum

If you want to express yourself boldly, then going platinum blonde is the way to go. It is the whitest of the blondes, and tends to draw the most attention.

  • Natural

When we talk “natural”, we don’t mean natural hair colour from birth. What we do mean is that we can replicate the natural blondes tones that some are born with.

  • Strawberry

It isn’t uncommon to mistake a strawberry blonde for a redhead. However, this depends on your colourist. Ensure that the undertones are matched right so that you get the strawberry (the red) with the blonde. The awesome thing about strawberry blondes is that you get the fun of the blonde mixed with the fiery attitude of the red.

  • Golden

Going golden blonde is perfect for long hair, preferably with twirls or curls. It really does suit tanned, toned faces, bringing out your skin colour even more. Golden blonde may come across as the typical blonde colour most select, but there is fun under that look that just may be the blonde you will love forever.

  • Ash

Ash blonde is what it sounds like – it’s a greyish tint, particularly favourable for those with darker eyebrows because the light, tone of the ash blonde enhances the eye area phenomenally. Ash blonde is not only for the young – ladies in their 40s and 50s are taking this look with gusto.

  • Lavender
    Lavender is a wonderful pastel tone that is slightly angelic. If you’re not entirely sure about this tone, then you can start by dipping your toe in the water with streaks or small chunks of the colour, before going overall once you’ve warmed to the idea. Believe us, it looks amazing and will add such vibrancy to your style!

Whatever shade of blonde you choose, remember it is for you to live with and for you to enjoy. Consider what suits your face, your tone and your eyes, and then make the best decision that suits the look you’re trying achieve.

For professional advice from Melbourne hair colourists, contact or visit us in store so we can create the perfect blonde look.

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