Thinking of going Platinum Blonde?

Apr 10, 2017Uncategorized

Make sure you consider these factors before you take the plunge!

Going Platinum Blonde has become associated with reinvention – and it’s certainly not a look for shrinking violets. If you’re considering taking the plunge, remember that to get the look you imagine in your head there are a few things to remember before, during and after you sit down in the salon’s chair. These factors could make all the difference between you loving your new do: or hating it. Yes, it’s a look that can suit anyone and is low maintenance – but it involves commitment.



Platinum Blonde requires commitment and regular touch ups to keep the colour at its original intensity. Because of this, we wouldn’t recommend attempting to achieve the look yourself at home with a box of dye. The level of peroxide needed to achieve the best possible result for your unique needs should be mixed by an expert Colourist.

Before you make your appointment, examine your hair’s condition. Is it healthy and strong or dry and damaged? Lightening your hair puts stress on your strands and is very drying. For healthy hair, this isn’t a problem, but if your hair is weak, we’d recommend visiting your salon and requesting an intensive moisturising/strengthening treatment first.



Resist the urge to wash your hair. Your hair should still have some of its natural oils on it, which will help to protect your scalp from the chemicals that will be applied to it. It would also help to show up early, as depending on the length of your hair and its colour the lightening process could take hours. Also be aware that the chemicals used on your hair might cause your eyes to smart or skin to tingle. Alert your colourist immediately if you start feeling pain.



Once you’ve walked out with your head-turning new look, keep it looking good by keeping up with all your touch up sessions, using the aftercare products recommended for your hair to keep it from getting dull or brassy and avoiding extreme heat from straighteners to prevent breakage.

Now that you know what to expect contact Wieselmann Salon in South Yarra to go Platinum Blonde today.



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