Tips For Growing Out Your New Hair Colour

Jul 2, 2018Hair Colour

You’ve seen that trendy hair colour that looked great on your favourite celebrity’s Instagram but it doesn’t exactly look the same on you. If you visit the salon regularly, often all the layers of colour that have been applied over time can affect the results you want.

If you want to change your look again, it’s best to grow out your hair rather than risk damaging it with a fresh layer of colour. One of the best and safest ways to start from scratch is to seek the help of a professional hair colourist.

  1. Let a hair colourist help you plan your new look

When consulting with a professional hair colourist, make sure you provide a full account of your hair colour history. This will help them understand how long your hair has been exposed to chemicals and a deeper understanding of its condition.

  1. Minimise the effects of highlights

If you have highlights, an effective way to grow out your hair colour and keep it looking as natural as possible is to use lowlights. These will blend the existing highlights into your natural colour.

  1. Reverse the effects of bleach

Bleaching your hair can dry it out and leave it damaged. Reversing the bleaching process and returning to your natural colour is not as simple as immediately dyeing your hair another colour. This can cause further damage to the hair. The safest way to return to your natural hair is with professional treatments like hair masks and nutrient-rich conditioners. Once a hair colourist deems it is safe to apply colour again, opt for a few shades darker than the bleached colour to blend it all together.

Growing out your hair colour is going to take time and commitment, but the team at Wieselmann Salon are here to make the process easier. Book an appointment with a hair colour expert to get started.

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