Tips To Look After Your Hair This Winter

May 4, 2018Tips for winter

As mid-winter approaches in Melbourne, your hair is transitioning too. Environmental conditions do influence our hair’s quality and style. Emerging from the summer months, your hair has been exposed to sun, sweat and sea or pool chemicals. Regular visits to your hair salon will have mitigated some of these effects, but winter brings new challenges. Let’s explore some of the things you can do to keep your hair healthy this winter.

Winter protection

The forecast brings cold, wet weather to Melbourne at this time of year. If you’ve already hauled out your essential winter hat – be it designer or beanie –make sure it’s not too tight. Your scalp needs good circulation to grow healthy hair. It also needs to breathe, so take your hat off when you don’t need to wear it or when you’re inside for protection so that sweat build-up doesn’t irritate your scalp.

Hydration still matters

You know to drink plenty of water in the heat, but it’s easy to forget that it’s important in winter too. If you’re drinking less water than normal, your scalp and hair become dry – much your skin does. Temperature fluctuations have the same drying effect on your hair when you shift from indoor to outdoor weather, especially when you go from the freezing cold outside to the blowing heater inside. Moisturising conditioners and treatment remain important even in cold or damp weather.

Don’t heat up your hair

It’s tempting to raise the temperature of the bath or shower water in winter to keep warm, but your hair doesn’t like very high temperatures all that much. Super-hot water can scald your scalp and dry out your hair. The same is true of the temperature setting on your hair dryer. Keep it warm, not too hot, and don’t overdo it. Although you want quick dry hair when you step outside, only use the blow dryer until your hair is almost dry and then let it air dry for a few minutes.

Remember that grey weather doesn’t mean you have to feel or look dull. A good haircut or hair colour can lift your spirits and see you through to brighter days. Just remember to utilise these handy tips to do your best to take care of your hair throughout these cold months!

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