Tricks To Make Your Thin Hair Look Thicker

Jun 13, 2018Thin Hair

Does the metre-reading on your envy scale reach stratospheric heights when you longingly look at the lovely locks on every head that’s not your own? You bemoan your fate of having limp hair that looks as though it’s been stuck to your head with glue.

There’s no need to struggle with thin hair. Our expert hairstylists have insider tips and tricks to transform thin hair into bouncy-looking tresses.

  1. Tease your hair to create volume

This is best achieved when also using hairspray. Tease small sections at a time from the roots. Hold a section of hair upwards in one hand so that it stands away from your head. With the other hand, use a brush or comb to gently brush backwards toward your head. Once a section is teased spray the roots with hairspray to ensure the tease holds. Once you’ve teased all your hair, smooth the top layer to conceal the tease beneath.

  1. Use a volume-enhancing product at the tips

Volume-creating hair products should always be applied at the end of your hair, especially for thin hair and never at the roots as it would be applied to other hair types. This is because the tips absorb more of the product effectively.

  1. It’s all in the cut

Certain hairstyles suit thin hair better. Layers are wonderful for creating body and movement. Also, consider shorter cuts as these ensure that the hair isn’t weighed down.

Think of celebrities like American actress Michelle Williams, who rocks the pixie cut. If you’ve always wanted a fringe, now you can have it. Just remember to use a little spurt of dry shampoo to prevent your fringe from looking wispy.

  1. Don’t over-condition

Conditioners tend to weigh the hair down, which is a problem if you have thin hair. If you’re going to apply a conditioning product, use it on the tips of your hair. It’s also advisable to condition less frequently, perhaps every other time you wash your hair.

Our professionally trained hairstylists at Wieselmann Salon can make your hair look fabulous, thick and healthy, no matter your hair type. Need a new hairstyle? Contact us today. We are the go-to hair salon in Melbourne for a signature look.


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