Turn Heads With The Hottest Hairstyles This Summer

Dec 28, 2017New Hairstyle

We’ve been following celebrity hairstylists across the globe and there’s been a major trend for three particular styles they all seem to agree on. We want to share these hot summer trends with you so that when you go out, you’ll turn heads.

Here is a list of three of the most popular haircuts this summer. Let’s check them out!

  • The crazy, messed, unkempt

Ironically, there is nothing at all to suggest that this hairstyle is unkempt. It is so neatly fashioned to look uncared for in order to gain attention. However, it is pretty easy to maintain once you have a professional hairstylist fix it first.

You will need to shave one side or cut it short and let the rest of the overhanging hair hang over the other side of the untouched, unspoilt hair. With textured cutting or blading, you too can own this look.

It’s all about being whimsical and bold.

  • Keep it short

The newest trend is to have short hair that the likes of Halle Berry, Emma Watson and Cate Blanchett have been famous for. This summer is about being free with your hair and managing it without much effort.

Cutting your hair can truly transform the way your face looks. It can make your eyes pop and give your cheekbones the attention they deserve, and it will definitely bring you out of your shell!

  • All natural, with a twist

A big deal lately that’s hitting the scene is the “no heat, no sweat” idea. Women are going natural, but with a twist. Singer Rita Ora, for example, is donning her style with plaits au natural, letting her own hair speak for itself. And guess what, it looks fabulous.

Other celebs are coming out of the woodworks, with model Gisele Bundchen twisting her locks in a fashionable plait to the left of her shoulder and leaving it there, seemingly without the use of a hot iron or anything heat-related.

Wash your hair as normal, blow dry it lightly and then just twist it up in a plait or in a way that suits your face. Twist it to the one side and go out on the town in style.

For more information about this season’s hottest hairdos, or if you want to book an appointment with us, contact us today so we can help you look fabulous this summer!

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