Your Ultimate Tips For Maintaining Perfect Hair

Oct 30, 2017Perfect Hair

We agree with famous author Jeannette Walls, who said:“A lady’s hair is her crowning glory”. You put so much time and effort into it that you want it to look great all year long. Well, in addition to regularly seeing your Melbourne hairdresser, here are some things you can implement yourself to help you maintain perfect hair.

Tip 1

Eat a balanced diet

Australian doctors suggest that the food you eat can directly affect the condition of your hair, while they also suggest that proteins are essential.The key tip here is to eat enough iron-rich foods for healthy hair.

Tip 2

Check your vitamins

Studies in dermatology suggest that you should ensure that you have enough Vitamin D, omega, fish oils or a multivitamin. Apart from the intended health benefits, the study shows that a vitamin such as Biotin is great for strengthening hair and preventing breakage. You can find these vitamins at any pharmacy.

Tip 3

Flat-ironing wet hair – don’t do it!

The biological make-up of hair has shown that it is most vulnerable – especially to breakage­– when it’s wet. Therefore, you should avoid trying to dry your hair with strong heat from your dryer or by using a flat iron directly, as it’s likely that will damage your hair. Start on a low-heat setting first and gradually introduce more heat.

Tip 4

Loosen up

You may love to have your hair tied up in a bun, tight and neat, but that could end up damaging your hair. Here’s why: when your hair is tight it can be pulled to an unnatural stretch, causing the hair to break or split. Advice: Try to keep ponytails or braids loose to ease the tension on your scalp.

Bonus Tips

Treat yourself

First bonus tip: apply a treatment, but ensure it’s done at a salon. Treatments are great at restoring your hair to perfect condition.
Second tip: Don’t wash your hair every day. Your scalp produces natural oils to protect your hair. Use them, don’t lose them.

As you can see, there’s no magic formula to having healthy hair. It’s more a lifestyle change you need to embrace. However, there are ways professional hair stylists in Melbourne can assist in giving you healthier hair through a program of treatments specially-formulated to enrich the hair follicles from the root to the scalp to the hair-end.

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