What Exactly Causes Hair To Go Grey And What Can You Do About It?

Jun 16, 2017Uncategorized

Most adults have resigned themselves to going grey when they get older. Unfortunately, it’s a colour that society is more accepting of in men than in women, making the search for one’s first grey hair something that is feared and not celebrated. There is no need for grey hair to cause you anxiety, and the modern salon is more than equipped to help you disguise or flaunt it; depending on your personal preference. Before you decide what to do, you should understand what causesit and what your options are.

Scientists have recently discovered that a certain protein in the body is responsible for grey hair and baldness, and when we lose this protein,the change occurs. It is unrelated to experiencing stress or the lifestyle that you lead,and scientists are still investigating what exactly causes it (apart from genetics). This means that if you go prematurely grey,you can blame your genesbut not your children for causing you stress or your poor eating habits in the past.

An increasing number of women are opting to gracefully go grey. If this option appeals to you and you’ve been colouring your hair, your best bet would be to visit a salon and have the remaining colour lifted which will help avoid gaps in your roots. Grey hair has a tendency to look unruly and benefits greatly from a clean and structured cut, and also requires certain products to keep it looking healthy. Don’t be surprised if you feel the need to switch up your makeup and wardrobe after embracing your grey hair, as what suited you before might not suit your new colouring.

If you would prefer to cover your grey hair in your original hair colour (or another colour altogether), you will need to work with an experienced colourist, seeing as the type and formulation of colour required will depend on the percentage of grey present in your hair together with the exact tone. Many women who haven’t completely gone grey opt to have these sections highlighted as a more subtle way to transition into colour.

No matter what your feelings are about going grey, you deserve to feel your very best.

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